Cafes of Rovno

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Stadio-Pub bar

"Stadio-Pub" — the dream of sport fans is realized in great sport-cafe.

Actions for dare-devils, book-maker office for especially reckless fans. A banquet hall with a plasma screen and unsurpassed high-quality sound.

Address: 30, Oleka Dundycha street, Rivne, Ukraine, 33022, Ukraine

Zustrich cafe

Delicious home meals, wide choice of national foods: borsch, vareniks, solyanka, potato pancakes, refined serving of tables, sincere hospitality of personnel.

We work from 09:00am to 11:00pm, without a weekend.

Address: 12, Chernyaka street, Rivne, Ukraine, 33022


The refined kitchen of the best chiefs: from the foorshets to the complete menu, including foods of the European and Ukrainian traditional meals. Various desserts, fresheners, cocktails. The apartment of banquet hall, counted on 170 persons, is offered for organization of corporate evening-parties, mass measures, solemn events, calendar holidays.
    There is a bar with section for smoking, with the wide assortment of "elite drinks" and inhaler on the basis of fruits.

51, Gagarina street, Rivne, Ukraine, 33022
Tel./fax: 8 (0362) 24-07-41
Tel. of cashdesk: 8 (0362) 45-11-10
Answering machine: 8 (0362) 24-64-11

1+1 Cafe-barDelicious meals

Maintenance of feasts — three comfortable halls on 15, 25, 50 places

KEYTERING — an order on departure
Tel.: 8 (0362) 69-33-32, 26-59-25

Address: 7, Lermontova street, Rivne, Ukraine, 33000


    Businessman Ivanyk Sofia Mykolaivna /8 050 877 26 31/

Tel.: 8 (0362) 64-11-11

Address: 420, Soborna street, Rivne, Ukraine, 33000

Taverna cafe

Dinners are in an original interior with a mexican colour. Weekend with glass of wine, or the rest after work with glass of beer and appetizing Pizza.

We work: 11:00am — 11:00pm, without a weekend

Address: 277, Soborna street, Rivne, Ukraine, 33028

Staryy Zamok cafe

What about a dinner or simply mug of beer on a summer ground with a sight on a fountain?

We work: 8:00am - 02:00am, without a weekend
Tel.: 8 (0362) 26-74-60

Address: 9, pr. Myru, Rivne,
Ukraine, 33028

Zhuravlyna cafe-bar

We invite you to taste Ukrainian meals in a cafe-bar " Zhuravlyna " of private enterprise "Korovay".

We work from 11.00am to 11.00pm without a weekend

Address: 156, Soborna street, Rivne, Ukraine /Teatralna square/
Tel.: 8 (0362) 223-223

Olviya Cafe-bar

The cafe-bar "Olviya" hospitably invites to taste national foods in comfortable halls with the Ukrainian attribute and to dip in the atmosphere of Old Greece in the Large hall with the upholstered furnitures.

Address: 404a, Soborna street, Rivne, Ukraine
/rout taxi № 39, 51, 34, 65, 69, 61,62 /
Tel.: 8 (0362) 64-06-65
We work from 10.00am to 12.00pm
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