The main data
Region – Rivne Region
Locality/Town Council – Rivne Council
Code КОАТУУ – 5610 100 000
Founded/first mentioned – in 1283
Magdeburg’s Right – in 1492
The status of the town – in 1939
Population – 247 870 (in 2005)
Area – 58,24km?
Density of population – 4256 men per km?
Post code – 33000-499
Tel. code - + 380-362
Geographical address - 50°37' of north latitude, 26°15' of east longitude
River – Ustya
The Day of the City is celebrated – on the last Sunday of August
The distance to Kyiv:
- physical – 307 km
- by the railway – 391 km
- by auto roads - 318 km
(Data are used from free encyclopedia)

    A short story

    The town of Rivne has already existed for 7 centuries. In the history of this ancient Ukrainian town there are joyful and tragic pages. Many times Rivne was attacked by the enemies. Many times its buildings blazed up with the awful fire. But no one could ruin the town. The hardworking hands of Rivne’s citizens restored the destructions. With the time Rivne developed and today it turned into the administrative-economical center of Rivne Region that is a part of the Independence Ukraine.
    How did the town of Rivne develop? The archaeological finds prove that in the Copper Age on the territory of the town lived people (IV – III thousand B.C.), in the Early Copper Age (the end of III – the beginning of II thousand B.C.) there lived tribes who worked up the land and the cattle-breeding tribes. Roman findings – a shield and the statuettes of the II century witness about the contacts of local population with the roman provinces. On the territory of Rivne there also lived for some time a Slavonic tribe of drevlyany.
    From the end of X century the Rivne’s territory as a part of Vladimir Principality depended on Kyiv. From the second part of XII century – the first part of XIII century the territory as a part of Pogoryny moved a few times from hand to hand of Kyiv and Volin Princes.
    From 1200 to 1340 the territory of today’s town was a part of Halytsko-Volinsky Principality. Exactly to this period in 1283 bear a relation to the first written memory about Rivne, when near this population area there was a fight between Polish and Lithuanian forces.
    In 1340 after the disintegration of the Halytsko-Volinsky Principality the territory of today’s town, as a part of the Volin lands, broke away to the Great Lithuanian Principality.
    The administrative territory of Volin was divided into three starostvas. The territory of today’s Rivne Region with the town of Rivne joint up with the Lutsky starostvo.
    At the beginning of XV century Rivne was mentioned as a village of Lutsky landlord Dychka. In 1461 one of Dychka’s descendants Ivashko Dychka sold his property to Volynsky Prince Semen Nesvytsky for “300 kip of broad Prague money”.
    In 1481 Rivne goes to Golshansky after the daughter of the Prince Nesvytsky Anastasia. At that time the Polish King and the Great Lithuanian Prince Kasimir granted Rivne with the Magdeburg Right that made Rivne equal with the other towns that had a right on self-administration. The Town’s Council included only the cleverest people. The town had its own merchant-petty bourgeois court, which considered criminal and civil deeds.
    In XVI century Rivne was a property of the Ostrozky Princes. Exactly at that time the town of Rivne appeared on the geographical maps, specifically on the map made by the “father” of the Polish cartography Bernard Vapovsky. This map was published in the Roman publication of Ptolemy “Geography” (1507-1508). In 1554 Rivne was marked on the European map of the famous flamand cartographer Merkator, and also on the Vapelius maps (in 1555), V. Gorodetsky (1562), Gastaldy (1562), A.Pograbiya (1570), S.Sarnytsky (1585) and others.
    In 1569 after the Lublin Union, Rivne as a town of Lutsky district and other Ukrainian towns became a part of Poland.
    In 1667 according to Andrusiv agreement Ukraine was separated between Russia and Poland, as a result of which the right-bank of Ukraine with the town of Rivne as its part were captured by Poland.
    At that time Rivne was a center of Lutsky district of the Volin voevodstvo. It’s interesting that in 1765 according to the plane executed by the Warsaw architector Tauscher, the town consisted of four parts (central part, the Ostrozky suburb, Liberty (economy or commissariat) and Dubensky suburb). In Rivne there were 370 buildings.
    In 1793 Rivne as a part of the right-bank Ukraine became a property of Russian empire and became a district town of the Volin. From 1797 – Rivne became a district center of Volin. At that time Rivne district included many volostys: Bereznivska, Vysotska, Vyrivska, Derajnenska, Dubrovytska, Clevanska, Lubykovitska, Mejyritska, Nemovytska, Rivnenska, Selyshchanska, Stepanska, Stydynska and Tuchynska. In the new created district the Russians basically took the posts. There were led a wide Russification of the region.
    In the years of struggle of Ukrainian people for its independence (1917-1920) the citizens of Rivne endured a lot of troubles. The town passed from hand to hand. Its citizens suffered a lot from Polish, German, Russian occupation regimes. Many times the buildings of the town were enveloped by the fires.
    In 1917 in Ukraine and in Rivne there was a diarchy of the Ukrainian Central Rada and Russian temporary government. In 1917-1918 in Rivne there worked a people’s district council, with the leader I.Kovalenko. A head of town’s administration at that time was F.Sumnevych. Rivne as a district center was a part of Volin with the center in Jytomir.
    On the 4th.of March in 1918 according to the law “The law of a new administrative-territorial division of Ukraine” Rivne had to become a center of the one of 30 lands of Ukraine – Pogoryny, to the part of which had to come Rivnensky, Ostrozky, Zaslavsky, Kremenetsky, the eastern part of Dubensky and the western part of Starokostyanivsky districts. But this division wasn’t incarnated, because of the war operations of that time.
    On the 9th.of April in 1919 the reformed government of the Ukrainian National Republic came to the town. A new government was headed by Boris Martos. At that time there was led and reorganized the Directory, headed by Simon Petlura.
    On the 24th.of May in 1919 the town was seized by the forces of Novgorod-Siverska’s brigade of the 1st Ukrainian Soviet division. In the town were renewed the Soviet Power’s bodies, specifically there started to work a revolution committee. The EC bodies exterminated the leading Rivne Ukrainian intelligentsia.
    On the 13th.of August in 1919 the town of Rivne was seized by the Polish forces. On the 9th.of September it was included to a new created Volinsky district. In Rivne there were created district’s and town’s control bodies.
    In the years of the Ukrainian democratic revolution 1917-1920 Ukraine with the Rivne as its part, endured a hard period. The power here changed very often. In the town the bodies of Central Rada existed for 11, 5 months (345 days), the hetmanate bodies existed for 195 days, Directory - for 6 months (180 days), Soviet power bodies in 1918 existed for 22days, in 1919 – for 112 days, in 1920 – for 47 days, together – for 181 days.
    On the 19th.of September in1920 the historical conditions turned out in the way that Polish interventionists seized the town again.
    On the 4th.of February in 1921 (before signing the Riga’s peace treaty) the territory of Rivne was separated and included to the new created Volin and Polisya voyevodstas of Poland. This year the Rivne district (with the center in the town of Rivne) was taken to Volin voyevodstvo as its part (the administrative center was in the town of Lutsk).
    In 20th.-30th.the main local authorities of the town of Rivne was the magistrate, the building of which stood approximately on the territory of today’s “Olesya” cafe.
    According to the Edict of the Presidium of the Supreme Rada of the USSR from the 4th.of December 1939 there was created the Rovenska Region with the centre in the town of Rovno after the joining of the West Ukraine up with the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. At the same time the town of Rivne became the centre of the Rivne Region.
    On the 28th.of June in 1941 Rivne was seized by the fascists. On the 3th.of July in 1941 there was created in a town’s administration. The head of the administration of Rivne became a chemist Policarp Bulba. A professor and a teacher - Ivan Savyuk was appointed on the second post after the barrister Serhiy Illyuk – the first member of the administration, the second member was – Nazar Shevchuk.
    On the 20th.of August in 1941 a considerable part of the Ukrainian lands was included to “Ukraine” Reich commissariat with the centre in Rivne. The territory of the Reich commissariat “Ukraine” (339, 2 thousand km?) was divided into 6 general neighbourhoods, including Volin and Podillya general neighbourhood. The Regions of Rivne, Volin, Kamyanets-Podilsk and also the eastern Regions of today’s Byelorussia, where the Ukrainian people lived, were also included to this neighbourhood. The neighbourhood consisted of 24 districts (gebits) with the centre in the town of Rivne.
    Rivne district included such areas as: the town of Rivne, Rivne villages, Olexandria, Goshcha, Claven, Korets, Mejyrichy, Mizoch, Ostrig, the town of Zdolbuniv, Zdolbuniv villages, and Tuchyn. The district’s area was - 3634 km?, the population – 175 401 people.
    On the 31st.of August in 1941 in Rivne there was created the Ukrainian council of trust in Volin with the head - Stephan Skrypnyk (later the patriarch Mstyslav). The council included 23 members and among them there were such Rivne Region’s famous people as: the writer Ulas Samchuk, one of the URA organizers in Volin – Rostyslav Voloshyn, the famous actor of the OUN, native of Clevan – Olexandr Busel and others.
    In fact, at that time, the fascists had the power in Rivne and on all occupied territory. The neighbourhood’s and town’s commissariats, including Rivne, implemented here the police and the economic powers.
    In Rivne arrived the hundreds of Hitler’s officials of different ranks: commissars, inspectors and others, who followed not only the Hitler’s “new occupation regime’s” requirements, but were also initiative in the robbery of the material and cultural values. This apparatus of the civil administration together with SS and police bodies were under Hitler’s and a German police chief’s control. The occupants had at their disposal different police forces, which looked after the order. The main task of these bodies was to keep the population of the occupied territories in the obedience and the liquidation of all resistance attempts. Exactly these bodies committed the horrible crimes. According to not complete data in the town were exterminated 121 thousands of peace people.
    After the 2nd.of February in 1944 in Rivne and its region there started to restore the regional, town’s and the area’s bodies, after the Red army entered the town.
    The Resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Rada of the USSR №1183-XII “About the putting of the names of the town Rovno and Rovno Region in accordance with the rules of the Ukrainian orthography” (1991) will always be in the history of the town of Rivne, according to which the town of Rovno was named Rivne and the Rovno Region on - the Rivne Region.
    So, during the years the administrative-territorial division of the territory, on what the town of Rivne is located, past a difficult and uneasy way. You know this territory was a part of the State of Ukraine (IX century - 1341), of the Cossack-hetman state (1648 – the end of XVIII century) and of the state regeneration of Ukraine (1917 - 1920). In the last periods the territory of Rivne was under the control of foreign occupants (Polish, Russian and German), who established their occupation regime, directed on keeping their power.



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