The main facts:
Country - Ukraine
Region - Ivano-Frankivsk
Code COATUU - 2611000000
First recollection - 1787
Status of town - from 1963
Population - 7543 citizens
Area - 657 square kilometers
Post code - 78500
Telephone code - +380-3434
River - The Prut
The day of town - the last Sunday of July
Distance - at sixty two kilometers distance from regional center
Address: 78500, Ivano-Frankivsk region, town of Jaremche, Svoboda street, 266
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Some facts from history
Jaremche ( by 2006 - Jaremcha ), Ivano-Frankivsk region. It is situated on the river Prut , on the way Ivano-Frankivsk-Rakhiv-Uzhgorod. Railway connects town with regional center and Lviv. A poor Jarema is considered to be the first who settled among mountains and town was named after him. Jaremche - it is health resort surrounded by mountains, which in the north and the south become hillocks covered with thick leaf and coniferous wood. There is a sanatorium for people have consumption. It was founded in 1787. Status of town it got in 1963. In December 2006 Supreme Rada of Ukraine changed the name of town Jaremcha on Jaremche.


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Malyvo hotel

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