The main data

Регион Ивано-Франковска область
District Galichina district
Founded 1596
Status of city з 1993 року
Population 15 586.
Area 32,71 km²
Zip codes 77111
Public-call code +380-3438
To the city center
- per rail 57 km
- by motorways 52 km
(Data are used from wikipedia.org- free encyclopedia)

A short history

    Burshtyn — (Ukrainian: Бурштин, Polish: Bursztyn) is a city located in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, in western Ukraine.

    The current estimated population is around 14,700 (as of 2004).

    It developed rapidly during the Soviet period.

    The town, which was one of the shtetls, and whose name means Amber, was only granted city status in 1993. It lies in the raion of Halych and is accessible by rail.

    One of its landmarks is the Burshtynskyi TES coal-fired power station, which is situated on a reservoir approximately 8 km long and 2 km wide. A fish farm lies on the lake near the district of Bilshintsi. The town is known for its soccer club Enerhetyk.

    The first mention of this town was in a Halych history book from 1596, where it was referred to as Nove Selo (New village), although the town actually dates back to 1554.

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